Services for visitors

Itis info
Itis Info is located in the middle of the shopping center, on the ground floor. The Info is open Mon-Fri 10-21, Sat 10-20 and Sun 12-18. At the Info you can:

- Purchase itis shopping center gift card
- Borrow a babycart or a wheel chair
- Inquire lost & found goods
- Get a key to a free-of-charge storage locker

The Info can be reached at +358 40 554 9101.

Services for visitors

Itis lahjakortti Kauppakeskus Itis

Itis gift card

Itis gift card is accepted in all the stores in Itis, excluding Indiska. You can purchase your Itis gift card at the Itis Info.
Bitcoin-automaatti ikoni Kauppakeskus Itis

Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM is located in the services lobby on -1 level, at Stockmann end of the center.
Inva-WC ikoni Kauppakeskus Itis

Toilets for customers with disabilities

Toilets for customers with disabilities are located in the ground floor close to Stockmann, and on the 2nd floor in the cinema corridor.
Instagram -kuva-automaatti ikoni Kauppakeskus Itis

Instagram photo printer

You can print Polaroid pictures (3x4") direct from your phone (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) or from your Instagram account. Instagram photo printer is located on -1 level, at Stockmann end of the center.
Lastenhoitohuoneet ikoni Kauppakeskus Itis

Child care facilities

Children's toilets, baby changing facilities and nursing rooms are located on the 2nd floor in the cinema corridor.
Pankkiautomaatit ikoni Kauppakeskus Itis


Ground floor: next to Halonen Otto (withdrawal)
Gigantti corridor: Otto and TalletusOtto (withdrawal and deposit)
Next to Nordea: Otto and TalletusOtto (withdrawal and deposit)
-1. level, Stockmann end: Otto and TalletusOtto.(withdrawal and deposit)
Polkupyöräparkit ikoni Kauppakeskus Itis

Bicycle park

Itis offers five (5) bicycle parks:
2 at Stockmann entrances, 1 at Lidl entrance, 1 at Tokmanni entrance, and 1 next to M Room on Turunlinnantie.
Riehuli ikoni Kauppakeskus Itis


Itis mascot, everyone's best friend. Live in Itis during the weekends.
Sähköautojen latauspiste ikoni Kauppakeskus Itis

Electric car charging

Ten free-of-charge electric car charging points at level -2, in blue and red parking garages.
Valokuva-automaatti ikoni Kauppakeskus Itis

Photo booth

Photo booth is located in -1 level services area in the Stockmann end.
WC-tilat ikoni Kauppakeskus Itis


The largest public toilet area is located on the 2nd floor cinema corridor, close to the food court. The smaller public toilets are located in the Stockmann end on the ground floor.
Wi-Fi ikoni Kauppakeskus Itis


Free wi-fi named Itis.