Pysäköinti Itis opaste parkkihallit
Itis offers 1600 free parking spaces.

Parking is free in Itis. Parking areas have the same opening hours as the shopping center and Finnkino movie theater.

Maximum height of vehicles 2.20 meters. Vehicles that are higher than 2.20 meters must be parked in the parking area located between Itäkatu and Itäväylä.

Parking times are monitored by Q-Park. More information available at



Parkkihalli kartta kattoparkki 5. kerros

P5 Stockmann: Long park 5h

Parkkihalli kartta kattoparkki 4. kerros

P4 Stockmann: Long park 5h

Parkkihalli kartta kattoparkki 3. kerros

P3 Stockmann and rooftop: Long park 5h

Parkkihalli kartta -1. kerros

P Yellow: Long park 5h

P Green: Quick park 2h

P-1 (between Itäkatu and Itäväylä, next to Gigantti) quick park 2h

Parkkihalli kartta -2. kerros

P Blue: Long park 5h

P Red: Quick park 2h